Clever Branding Ideas for Elevated Social Media Presence

Clever Branding Ideas for Elevated Social Media Presence - BLACK LABEL UK

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Mae Keller

Mae Keller was born in a small town and reached the ends of the earth with her writing. As a freelance writer, she loves that she can travel and take work with her. She has a background in web design and enjoys babysitting her nephews.


There are many ideas out there to boost your social media. From content creation to search engine optimisation tactics. However, there is one that many small businesses allow to fall by the wayside. Branding can seriously help grow your business and captivate your target audience. Here are our favourite clever branding ideas for elevated social media presence.


What is Branding?

Branding is the way that a business gives itself meaning within the eyes of consumers. Using a good brand strategy, a company can grow their business at a higher rate for less overall input in the long run. Once you have harnessed your brand identity and are getting consistently positive results, you can let the brand do your work for you.

Branding a business includes the name, voice and slogan of your business and design entities such as specific colours, shapes and styles used across the board online and via your products and packaging.

Branding and Social Media

There are a few easy steps you can take to brand your social media accounts fully. Make sure that you use the same branding for other parts of your business. Your social media pages should reflect your website and any branding on products or graphic design ideas you use to advertise your services.

Brand Name

When you select a name for your business, it is helpful to check social media first. Ensure that your name is available in the same format on all the social sites and sign up for them as a business profile. This way, you can be easily searched and found by your target audience and recent customers who are specifically targeting your business. 

Choose a name that states clearly what business you operate in. For example, if you sell vegan cakes, ‘Sweet Vegan Treats’ is a great name. It shows clearly what you sell and directly targets your audience. If you had a name like ‘Super Sally’s’, you would not be searchable, and your audience would not be able to tell what you are selling. Remember, the name is what potential customers see first – keep it clear and straightforward. 

Brand Logo

Your business logo should be comprised of your brand colours and style. Your logo is crucial as it will feature a lot on your social media – which will also be styled towards your brand identity. It is recommended to hire a professional brand designer to create your logo as the added value from their expertise is priceless. A design agency such as Black Label UK will create a unique logo and brand that captivates your desired target audience. However, there are more affordable options available, but their results may not be tailored for your specific requirements. If you still need a logo for your business, you can access free logo creators like this one to create and download bespoke logos. Create a logo that holds the essence of your business and is easily resized for various formats. Black Label UK does not endorse free logo creation tools but never the less we are here to provide you with all available options. 


Watermark the images on your social media with your logo. Your logo will build the noticeability of your brand with your target audience. Use your logo as your profile picture and on thumbnails and add it to product packaging and on products that are feature photos on your social media pages. The more you put your logo out there, the better. As consumers notice the logo, they will familiarise themselves with your business and are more likely to click the link to your website to check out your business the more times they see your logo.

Brand Voice

Speak up about your business on social media and keep confident. Ensure you have a brand voice that is suitable for your target audience. Some companies prefer to keep it clean-cut and professional. Others have a chatty relationship with their audience and make jokes and push competitions. The two crucial factors to remember are:

  1. Your target audience is vital – sculpt your brand voice around what they react positively to.
  2. You are still a professional. To keep your audience’s trust, you have to maintain that line of professionalism. This is especially important for instant messages and interactions on posts on social media.

With a strong brand, you can achieve great things. Plan it well, and do not be afraid to tweak it until you find the right brand for you. Rebranding can be a great way to boost interaction on social media but can also mean a blow to your business if not executed thoughtfully, so be wary of this.


Mae Keller wrote this guest blog for Black Label UK.

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