Black Label UK Announced as Midlands Enterprise Award Winners 2021

Black Label UK Announced as Midlands Enterprise Award Winners 2021
Black Label UK has been announced as a Midlands Enterprise Awards 2021 winner under the category of Print & Design Studio of the Year 2021 (East Midlands).

The Midlands Enterprise Awards from SME News rewards hardworking individuals and firms across the Midlands region for their innovation and excellence in their business practice and outstanding overall performance. Home to over 10 million people and eight hundred thousand businesses, the Midlands is the bustling production area right in the heart of England. Derby is well known for its creative industries, and now we have another up-and-coming print and design agency upon the mix. Despite their achievements, many of these smaller, influential businesses to the region often go overlooked, missing out on the recognition they so richly deserve.

Over the past few years, the Midlands region has become one of the most popular locations outside of London for emerging new businesses. The area has attracted regional high record levels of foreign direct investment over the last decade. There is so much to celebrate across the region with various trades and industries.

Creative Founder of Black Label UK, Bradley Leivars, said:

I'm incredibly proud that Black Label UK has been announced a Midlands Enterprise Award winner. We work extremely hard to ensure all of our clients are happy with the products and services we offer as an organisation. We've got many new things planned over the next year, including the release of our new AI-powered web accessibility tool, our free web accessibility compliance evaluation tool (aCt), and the continuation of our Print A Tree campaign to really tackle the negative effects of climate change. Black Label UK continues to grow from strength to strength, and I'm now proud to say that our small print and design agency based in Derbyshire now has a positive global reach.

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  • Marie Smally

    It’s not a surprise you have been put forward for another reward,since having all our printing done with you plus our clothes which you have helped us design has took alot of stress out of trying to do it ourselves!! Well done black label and well done!!

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