The Best Point of Sale Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Business

The Best Point of Sale Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Business
If you're looking to boost your sales and marketing efforts, look no further than point-of-sale marketing. This type of in-store marketing can help create a positive customer experience, increase brand awareness and keep customers coming back for more. This blog post will discuss the best point-of-sale tactics to help your small business succeed.

What is point of sale marketing?

Point of sale marketing (POSM) is a type of in-store marketing that focuses on the sales process. It's a way to upsell products and services without being too invasive. POSM can help businesses build a positive customer experience, create brand awareness, and keep customers returning when done well.

There are many different types of POSM tactics that businesses can use to boost sales. Some of the most popular POSM tactics include:

  • Displaying products near the point of purchase
  • Offering discounts or coupons at the register
  • Creating eye-catching displays
  • Training employees on how to upsell products and services

These are just a few of the many point-of-sale marketing tactics businesses can use to increase sales. If you're looking to boost your sales, consider implementing some of these POSM tactics in your business.

Here at Black Label UK, we've compiled a list of some of the most effective POSM tactics that can help put your sales into overdrive. Please don't feel like you have to use all of them but try to use at least one. Remember, keeping things simple is essential here. According to the Global Brand Simplicity Index, 57% of consumers are willing to spend more for a more direct experience, and 76% are more likely to recommend a brand because it provides a more natural experience and better communication than its competitors.

Shout about special promotions.

Consider advertising a particular product or set of products at your point of sale if you want to shift them. You might discount a product that isn't selling well. Alternatively, you could connect two successful products to form a package deal. Hanging signage around your POS can help attract customers' attention.

Make the most of impulse purchases.

If you want to boost a customer's average expenditure, consider putting more minor, less expensive items (impulse purchases) near the till. Consider a small shop that sells sweets, gum, and periodicals next to the till. A clothing store may offer low-cost accessories where customers wait to make their purchases in line. You could categorise your impulse buys according to the time of year or run them in line with public holidays.

Gift cards are great.

Gift cards are an excellent marketing tool if you're trying to attract new consumers. Customers may purchase gift cards for their friends, increasing the reach of your business.

Gift cards are also a fantastic tool for upselling. Customers who spend a particular amount on their purchase will be more inclined to pick up a few more items if you include a free £15 gift card. And again, if they give the gift card to someone else, it's another new customer for you.

Make sure to have your personalised greeting cards on display at the point of sale so that customers may include them in their purchases.

Set up a loyalty programme.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Many firms tailor their marketing to attract new consumers, but your regular customers are the heart of your company. According to studies, repeat clients spend 67% more after returning and are worth ten times as much as their first purchase over their lifetime.

Starting a loyalty program is one approach to attracting more customers. It's an excellent method to demonstrate your gratitude and boost your income. Customers who join the Square Loyalty rewards program, for example, return in half the time it takes others to do so. This means that they visit twice as often over the same period.

Place signage near your point of purchase to promote the advantages of your loyalty program. Also, make sure you teach your staff to ask individuals if they'd want to become a member of the program.

Inform customers about other marketing programmes.

Your customers might also accommodate other forms of marketing at your point of sale. If you want to engage your consumers with your brand, consider displaying a sign inviting them to attend an upcoming event you're hosting or subscribe to your newsletter. Just make sure there aren't too many signs on display at once.


Your store's point-of-sale area is an essential piece of real estate. It's also the last place where you'll have a chance to impress your consumer before they leave. So use the most up-to-date technology and promote deals and programmes to engage your consumers more deeply because this space is so valuable.

Point-of-sale marketing is a powerful way to increase sales, but it's essential to consider all the factors involved to make the most of this type of marketing. By shouting about special promotions, making the most of impulse purchasing decisions, promoting gift cards and setting up loyalty programmes, you can encourage customers to keep coming back for more. Have you tried any of these tactics? Let us know how they worked for you!

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