Where Digital Meets Print: Augmented Reality Exhibition Book

Where Digital Meets Print: Augmented Reality Exhibition Book

Vetro Editions has released this fantastic book, bridging the gap between the printed and digital worlds, coinciding with the Augment Reality Exhibition launch at London's Pocko gallery. The work will come to life with just a quick scan using your mobile phone. The Augmented Reality Exhibition (or A. R. E) event runs from the 22nd October 2021 until 26th November 2021 with a new exhibition concept that promises to be a fully immersive, one of a kind experience bringing together some of the best generative Art the world has to offer.

The exhibition will feature work from 31 international artists who have been handpicked as some of the very best by Generative Hut founder Pierre Paslier and Luca Bendandi of Vetro Editions - publisher of the book.

What Is Generative Art?

Generative Art is one of the latest technological developments that's taken the creative sector by storm! Through the help of computer algorithms, code, and drawing machines, Generative Art is a word that describes artworks that have been created with an autonomous helping hand. Artists have to fully surrender to these systems to collaborate as part of the process, leaving no end to the creative potential.

Does It Translate To The Printed Medium?

Thanks to technological advancements, we can now use mobile phones with accompanying apps to allow both the digital medium and printed medium to be fully compatible.

"The idea for this book came from the feeling that displaying such artwork is where screens can fall short, and one starts to look for that other medium: print, but what if there was a bridge between the physical and digital worlds? Through the use of augmented reality, we conceived this book to let you unlock motion on the pages, creating an experience that is more akin to visiting an exhibition."

Pierre Paslier

The artwork appears to come to life when passing your phone over the paper, moving in unpredictable directions as the pages take on their new digital life.

The Augment Reality Exhibition is free to enter during its time at Pocko Gallery in London, so if you are down that way, be sure to check it out. You can also purchase the accompanying book via the Vetro Editions website.

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