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Brad Burton - Face and Eye Masks - BLACK LABEL UK

Brad Burton is the UK's #1 Motivational Business Speaker. A professional motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and disruptive business expert. In 2004 Brad successfully launched business networking group 4Networking, which now has groups across the UK, with more than 5,000 events annually.

Brad is also the author of four best selling books:

He has built a reputation as the UK's Number One Motivational Speaker, speaking to business people throughout the UK and to teams in companies including Bentley, JCB, Costa and keynote speaker at the most significant business shows in the UK. He trains others to become masters of their own stories. Mentors individuals in life AND business and running a personal development programme Now What?, where he mentors hundreds within his private members' group and quarterly self-development events that bring people from across the country together and provide a platform for excellent speakers. Brad also runs his speaker agency, Speaker Seeker, to showcase the UK's best business speakers.

He's a regular outspoken contributor in the written media, radio and television and is also an Ambassador for Somerset.

Over the years, BLACK LABEL UK has become one of Brad's trusted print and design suppliers. Brad will only strive for the best quality and top customer service - taking a no *BS* approach to put it into Brad's words. Here's what he had to say about the custom printed face masks we supplied:

"I had a photo shoot scheduled but didn’t have a face mask! I’d heard about BLACK LABEL UK’s branded face masks and had seen them on the internet so I went for it and placed an order for 5. Great fit. Great quality. Full colour, branded masks. 10/10, thanks again BLACK LABEL UK."

Brad Burton (The UK’s No1 Motivational Speaker).

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