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The biggest and best independent gym in the East Midlands! Physique Evolution is filled with the best plate loaded machines, including a separated functional area and cardio room. Home to the best personal trainers in the city, all are working under one roof! This independent gym has a great atmosphere to train and socialise in; they have everything you need and more!

Since primary school, Bradley Leivars, Creative Founder of Black Label UK, has grown up with Matt Thorpe, Director of Physique Evolution. Brad trains at the gym regularly, supporting Matt's business when he can. You'll often find them chatting when they bump into each other in the gym. This is exactly how this project started. Matt mentioned he was looking for an agency he could work closely with to create a range of custom printed garments for the gym. Brad being the founder of a multi-award-winning print and design agency, offered to help.

Physique Evolution T-Shirts

Project achievements:

  • Clean-up and vectorisation of the current logo
  • Development of logo for a light background
  • Production of printed t-shirts
  • Competitive pricing
  • High-quality finish


The logo assets were only available in bitmap formats as the original designer never supplied vectorised elements. The Black Label UK team quickly recreated the Physique Evolution logo in a vectorised format and developed a version that would work on lighter coloured backgrounds. All files were then securely backed up and transferred to Matt and his team.


Front centre chest print of logo mark | Back centre top print of custom combination mark with a curve | Affordable pricing solution | fast-turnaround service

This project helped towards supporting our Print A Tree™ Campaign 🌲

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