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VAleW Art is home to Derby Artist Valentina Watson. Valentina is primarily a Resin and Oil paint artist who develops luxury one-off custom resin pieces such as cake stands, hanging decorations, and serving trays. She set up VAleW Art at the beginning of 2021 to sell her unique resin creations to clients all across the UK.

"Thank you BLACK LABEL UK for your hard work on my website; I'm so pleased with it and can't wait to start using it every day."

Valentina Watson, Artist, VAleW Art.

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Creating a new website with the customers' journey in mind

VAleW Art was previously built on the Wix platform. It was a slow-performing website that had multiple issues with Meta Data and SEO. The design of the website did not fully showcase Valentina's work to the fullest potential. Previously, it was challenging for potential customers to follow a smooth journey through the website, from finding the products they wanted to purchase and completing the checkout stage to looking around Valentina's painting and previous work. After a few conversations with Valentina, we decided that Black Label UK (a Squarespace Circle partner) would replatform the current website into Squarespace to mitigate some metadata concerns and SEO challenges.

Black Label UK completed a full redesign of Valentina's website, ensuring that it complements the brand created for the organisation. Squarespace was the perfect choice to create the new website within as Black Label UK set up a specific style template that Valentina could use in the future should she wish to add or need to add further branded content. During the design process, the Black Label UK team considered which styles, colours, and fonts would work best to compliment Valentina's unique work. It was essential to ensure that the website would not overpower Valentina's creations but compliment and draw the users' eyes toward them.

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Usability and accessibility are critical to an eccomerce stores success

The usability of the website was another huge factor during the design process. Black Label UK simplified the usability of the site to ensure a smoother journey for the users. The Black Label UK team also added new functionality to the VAleW Art website. We added the ability for Valentina's customers to apply discounts during the checkout stage, and we also created the ability for automated discounts to be applied on a set of specific conditions, such as receiving free shipping on all orders over £60.

Black Label UK takes pride in being one of a handful of agencies across the UK to specialise in accessibility compliance. In our eyes, all websites must meet at least the minimum compliance levels required in the UK. VAleW Art was no exception to this vision. Black Label UK carefully crafted Valentina's new website to comply with WCAG 2.1 level AA compliance fully. We ensured that:

  • All buttons in the new website had data and were linked to the correct sections.
  • Every page contains an H1 title, and the titles that follow are then consistent in their hierarchy.
  • That all titles contain data.
  • That all elements are navigatable using the keyboard.
  • That keyboard focus has a noticeable outline.
  • That every page includes hidden links that allow skipping blocks.
  • That all images contain appropriate Alt tags for descriptive readers.
  • That all figure elements have text or are excluded from assistive technologies.
  • That all forms use the correct aria-describedby/labeledby information.
  • That the document HEAD elements include a title element within the name of the page.
  • That the HTML elements include a proper "lang" attribute.
  • That the meta viewpoint allows display scaling of at least 200%.
  • That page landmarks are tagged and described for assistive technology.
  • That letter spacing is wide enough to be readable.
  • That the foreground and background colours have sufficient contrast where possible.
  • That all Iframe elements are labelled or titled.
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    Making sure the new VAleW Art site is found

    Black Label's expert team has put a lot of work into the SEO of Valentina's new website to ensure it captures a larger audience. With the increase in the site performance, its mobile-first optimisation, correct page structuring, and the introduction of Schema (which has been generated correctly), the new website saw an increase of 2,800% within the first month of launching. The staggering increase in traffic has lead to a direct increase in sales. Out of the 2,800% increase in visits, there has been a 2,750% increase in new users.

    Black Label UK also supported Valentina by creating a Google Business Listing so when users search for VAleW Art on google; they will receive all of the correct contact information.

    Project achievements

    • Replatforming of the website from Wix to Squarespace.
    • Redesign of website, ensuring that it complements the brand created for the organisation.
    • Specific style template that Valentina can quickly use for any future amendments.
    • Customer discounts during the checkout stage.
    • Automated discounts to be applied on a set of specific conditions.
    • Full compliance with WCAG 2.1 level AA.
    • Increase in site performance.
    • Mobile-first optimisation.
    • 2,800% increase in traffic within the first month.
    • Increase in sales within the first month.
    • Google business listing.

    This project helped towards supporting our Print A Tree™ Campaign 🌲

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