Environmental Policy

BLACK LABEL UK strives to conduct business in an environmentally and socially responsible; minimising any adverse effects on the environment as much as possible. We continually assess our company’s impact on the world around us, resulting in the adoption of new procedures, business practices, and control measures designed to help protect the environment. We have set a range of standards across BLACK LABEL UK to ensure regulatory compliance with UK and international law and guidelines. We actively monitor and audit against these standards regularly.

Working with our suppliers, we aim towards the exclusive use of FSC® certified stocks, minimising our impact on the environment and leading the way with best practices. FSC® certified stock, produced from wood pulp, has been sourced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner from a well-maintained forest. These stocks provide a higher-quality print finish and help improve our work’s environmental impact. They contain fewer imperfections which means they are smoother, brighter, and will give a more vibrant colour reproduction.

The majority of our production processes utilise Advance Plate Technology. This technology is specifically engineered for short-run commodity printing. It results in a considerable water reduction of up to 95% in comparison to other conventional systems.

To reduce our use of fossil fuels, we use vegetable-based inks in our standard production processes – this also means we are a vegan-friendly printing company!

To finish off, when we supply your printed items, they all come in recycled cardboard.

We continuously search for new ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint and continue to lead the way within the industry, setting an example for other companies within the sector to follow.


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