Order Consolidation

Stock management, fulfilment, storage, and logistics plays a huge part of what we do day in and day out here at Black Label UK. What also forms one of our core competencies is the protection of our environment. Thats why, where possible, we opt for order consolidation when shipping out your products. This service is automatically applied to all orders we send out, whether they are for our own customers or are for your customers through our reseller program.

Order Consolidation
Why Consolidate Orders?

Order consolidation is just as much about helping to reduce our carbon footprint as it is about simplicity for both our customers and yours. When we knit orders together in a single package, it helps to reduce the emissions caused by the transportation of the products. It reduces delivery cost and helps make the experience from the end-user more complete - no longer are they waiting on all of their items to be delivered.

Helping to lower your carbon footprint one consignment at a time
Reduce Carbon Emissions

Combining and knitting orders together into a single consignment helps alleviate the need for multiple packages to be sent to the same location. In turn, this helps lower the carbon emissions caused throughout the logistical process of delivering your customers items.

Reduced Cost

By combining multiple products into one consignment, you can reduce your shipping costs. Reducing shipping costs by even just a few pounds can help save businesses thousands a year, so whilst you are saving the environment through our order consolidation process, you can also save some of your cash. It's a win-win.